QA Engineer Placement (APPLACE17)



£15,000 - 15,000/Annum + Benefits

Job Location
- United Kingdom -- England -- South East England -- Buckinghamshire -- High Wycombe

Job Type

10 October 2016

Working with our test and quality control team....

  • Help to validate that new technologies and product concepts are fit for purpose
  • Analyse, and help to refine, technical specifications for new products
  • Assist in the development of new QA approaches
  • Plan and execute tests on new product samples
  • Create bug reports, and assist developers in fault-finding
  • Retain responsibility for product quality throughout and beyond development
  • Test maintenance updates, and manage their release
  • Test our products on new software and hardware platforms

The deadline to apply for all placements is 9am on Monday 16th January.  Please don't apply after this date as your application will not be considered.

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