iOS Developer at Blocs (Blocs1201)




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- United Kingdom -- England -- Greater London -- London

Job Type

19 January 2017


You love making engaging, beautiful interfaces and writing great, maintainable code. You love music, and you’re inspired by easy-to-use, award-winning interfaces. You’re friendly and enjoy working in a small group.


You’ll be developing new apps and adding features to existing apps across the Blocs brand. You’ll be involved in the design process right from the start, so your opinions and ideas will be central to the development of new functionality. You’ll spend a great deal of time thinking about how to improve our interfaces to get the best possible user experience. You’ll work very closely with other iOS developers on the team to create beautiful and engaging user interfaces.


  • Develop engaging and beautiful interfaces
  • Translate user stories into functionality
  • Write excellent, maintainable code, and take part in code reviews
  • Discuss design and implementation details with the rest of the team


  • You have a portfolio of shipped code
  • You have experience in UI design and development, preferably with UIKit
  • You have a deep understanding of Objective-C and/or Swift
  • You can empathise with users to improve functionality
  • You get on well in a small team, working closely and communicating clearly with others
  • You make music or have experience with music software


Blocs is a new, innovative start-up created by Focusrite/Novation. Our focus is to develop new music-making things for people with a wide range of technical ability.

We’re based at Tileyard Studios in King’s Cross, which is home to the creative industry's top artists, composers, writers and producers. Because we’re a small group of people, we’re able to shape our own culture and process to meet our needs. We focus on innovative products and try to connect with customers in new ways. One of our products is Launchpad for iOS, which is one of the most successful music-making apps on iOS.

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Rob Steed


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